Toppers run the gamut from straightforward Valances to intricate Swags & Tails and Upholstered Toppers. Used on their own, or over another window covering, Toppers offer both decorative and functional advantages: they can fool the eye into thinking a window is larger than it really is, hide imperfections in a wall, or conceal the head rail of an under treatment. Creative Curtains by Design Decorators will go through the different options to help you select the right toppers for your window, taste and decor selection most suitable for your desired look.

Swags and Tails add a touch of opulence to a room. With a luxurious fabric we can give your home that palatial feel giving your windows, curtains and whole room decor a more extravagant look with the addition of tasselled voiles. Creative Curtains by Design experienced team of designers will help you ensure the most pleasing result for your interior design.

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