Tracks and Rods have two purposes, firstly to ensure you can hang your curtains, and secondly to complement your decor. Whatever your requirements Creative Curtains by Design Decorators will advise you on the most appropriate rod for your room from the subtle to the decorative to provide any window with a better finish for a more complete look for your curtains, blinds or shades. From the rustic ambiance of traditional Wood Rods to the added luxury of decorative rods in any style: contemporary, traditional or modern Creative Curtains by Design has a full range available to the discerning customer.

Motorised and remote control tracks are available through Creative Curtains by Design who can supply and install motorised tracks for blinds or curtains with either a standard or sloping track (for sloping windows). They also specialise in remote control blind and curtain tracks to deal with oversized and hard to reach window coverings. Glare can effortlessly be reduced, and privacy instantly achieved. Using these systems means that opening and closing your curtains has never been easier or more convenient; no more tangled cords or broken rails and no more dirty hands on your curtains! Call Creative Curtains by Design today and ask for a no obligation measure and quote and feel secure that they will listen to your interior decorating needs.

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